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Life Before Music

          Recently I was asked when and how I learned to read music. This was a question I wasn’t able to answer. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t read or even make music. Was it possible that I’ve always known how? Was it some sort of innate quality bestowed  upon me at birth? No. No it wasn’t.

          I’ve had amazing music educators in my life. That’s why I don’t remember the seamless transition from child to musician. I also have amazing parents that watched me dance and sing around the house so incessantly that they knew the musical inclination needed to be fed and nurtured. And nurtured it was… I was taught, encouraged and nurtured into a music educator myself by a brigade of the most amazing teachers.

           In my life as an educator my favorite phone calls are speaking to the parents of potential students. They usually start the conversation by telling stories as to why they think their child could benefit from music lessons. Stories describing Suzie’s interest in writing her own songs or Jimmy’s time spent sitting at the piano for hours playing songs he knows by ear. Amazing, beautiful stories. Couldn’t we all benefit from music or acting lessons?

           I think so.

           No one should remember a life before music. How about a life always filled with it instead?

Submitted by LBWietig 1/29/14


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