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“In the field of opportunity, it’s plowing time again.”



Once upon a time I had a restaurant job. I learned a great deal about life at this job. It was at this job that I first saw this quote, “In the field of opportunity, it’s plowing time again.” It was the screen saver on one of my boss’s computers. I remember reading it and always feeling instantly motivated. What was it about this phrase that was so inspiring?

It wasn’t until I decided to write this post that I realized this quote was a song lyric. Of course it was! All motivating phrases should be set to music. It is a song lyric written by the great song-writer Neil Young.

With the onset of the fall season and all the back to school buzz I just couldn’t get this quote out of my head. Yes, it IS time. Time for new ideas, new projects and a new season of exciting learning and creating. Fall is a great time to set new things into motion and set new personal goals. Who needs the New Years resolutions?

This quote suggests that there is some sort of “field” out there. A field seems like an endless thing doesn’t it? The “field” is the possible opportunities awaiting you. The reference to “plowing” is all the hard work you will put into the possible opportunities. The fact that you are going to do it “again” means that this is something that is a cycle. You are motivated and motivated often.

Aren’t you ready to go create something great?

I’ll leave you with a quote from the best source, my grandma. “Leah, I could’ve been anything I wanted to be in my life. You name it, I could’ve done it.”

“In the field of opportunity, it’s plowing time again.”

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