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DRIVE [noun]


DRIVE [noun]

It’s true. The word “drive” can be used as a verb. Instead let’s consider the word “drive” today in its other form, as a noun. It is the secret behind those that are successful. The humans that obtain goals, make dreams realities and are persistent possess drive.

When I am teaching I can see the drive sparkling in someone’s eyes, I can smell it when it walks in the door. It’s an amazing thing. It looks focused, centered and strong. I can almost always pick out the students that have drive and will achieve their goals. People with drive can have moments of doubt and uncertainty though. The difference is that the driven don’t let the doubt and uncertainty allow them to take a step backward from their goal. They see it as a bump in the road, an unexpected turn and then BOOM they are right back on the path.

Not sure you possess the correct amount of drive? Want more of it? Much of my job as an educator is to motivate and help students strive for the very best version of themselves. Here are some easy tips to help you find your DRIVE.

1. Write down your goal(s). Say them out loud. Tell a friend. Tell your dog. Post them somewhere where you can see them. Do something to make yourself accountable for the goals you’ve created.

2. Think about your goals. Seems easy right? Spending time thinking about your goals and how you can achieve them will help you brainstorm new angles and keep you focused.

3. Dream big. No explanation needed.

4. Have a plan. How can you achieve these goals? Can you do one thing a day to get you closer to the finish line?

5. Don’t be a hero. You probably can’t do it all yourself and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from others.

6. Celebrate small achievements on the way to your goal. Did you take a big step forward today? Celebrate with a smoothie.

7. Be knowledgable. Know everything and more about what it is you’re trying to achieve. Want to land that part in the school musical? You better know every character’s name and what they ate for dinner.

8. Keep your eye on the prize. Stay focused. Don’t let anything deter you from the path that is already moving forward.

9. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Roll up your selves and prepare yourself to put in the time and commitment of good ‘ol fashioned hard work.

10. You did it! You achieved your goal. Now what? Take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and dream up the next one.

Be one of the driven.

Submitted by LBWietig

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