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Meet CLAIRE SHIVINSKY – November’s Student- of- the- Month!



November’s Student-of-the-Month!!!
Claire Shivinsky has been a student at Main Stage Studios for six months. She currently studies voice with Leah Wietig and attends 9th grade at Mount St. Mary Academy in Kenmore, NY. She has been chosen as student of the month because she has shown a great commitment to her lessons and has progressed significantly in just six short months. Way to go Claire!

Claire loves performing and shared some of her favorite performing moments with us. “My favorite performing moments include my first musical, Peter Pan, where I played a Lost Boy Twin. Another favorite moment was when my grammar school choral group performed at the Hard Rock Cafe. I also had the privilege of playing Ariel from The Little Mermaid at a summer camp.”

When it comes to listening to music Claire’s first choice is always to listen to Broadway musicals. She loves to sing along with the songs and really get into the character from each musical. She is inspired by the great performer, Barbra Streisand. Claire describes Barbra’s voice as, “strong and effortless.” Listening to Barbra’s music inspires Claire to continue to work hard as she studies voice. Claire also finds great encouragement and support from her parents who always motivate her to “follow her dreams.” Claire hopes to pursue a career in musical theatre and perform wherever and whenever she can! She will continue to work hard in lessons so someday people will watch her and be amazed by her performances on stage.

When Claire isn’t making music she is listening to music! She also loves watching scary movies and spending time with friends and family. She gives some advice to other students that may be interested in taking music lessons. She says, “Be patient, stay motivated and don’t lose confidence. Believe in yourself and go for it!”

Meet Claire! Our motivated STUDENT OF THE MONTH!

Submitted by LBWietig

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