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Meet ELLIA FLEJTUCH- December’s Student-of-the-month!



December’s Student-of-the-Month!

Ellia Flejtuch has been a student at Main Stage Studios for about 11 months. She is currently an eighth grader at St. Gregory the Great. Ellia’s favorite music to listen to is pop music and songs from Broadway musicals. Her favorite performing moments include her participation in Main Stage Studios Spring recital, Spring Sings! and her appearances in the musicals Godspell and Shrek at the Academy of Theatre Arts in Williamsville.

When asked who has been the most inspirational person in her musical life she responded with, “I would have to say that my biggest inspiration is my family because they show constant support and always push me to do my best.”

Ellia enjoys spending her free time with family and friends. During the week, when she’s not performing and making music, she is spending time focusing on her school work.

Ellia gave some advice to future music students, “My best advice is that you have to be patient because enhancing your voice is a very gradual process and it takes time.” She also mentioned that it is important to like the music you are learning and never forget to have fun!

Ellia is not sure where music will take her in her life but she does know that it will always be a part of her journey. “I hope that as I get older I can continue to sing/ perform and keep learning new things about music.”

Meet ELLIA our dedicated Student-of-the -Month!

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