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Meet CAROLINE SCHETTLER- January’s Student -of – the – Month!



January’s Student- of -the- Month!!!

Caroline Schettler has been a student at Main Stage Studios for a year and a half and studies voice with Leah Wietig. Caroline is a senior at Orchard Park High School and will play Reno Sweeney in their upcoming production of Anything Goes.

She reflects on one of her favorite performing moments playing a character that ate a Twinkie onstage at The Kavinoky Theatre, “In Over the Tavern whenever I would eat my Twinkie the audience’s different reactions … laughter, sympathy etc.”

Caroline loves to listen to musical theatre and soundtracks from films.

She has found her family to be greatly inspirational on her musical journey since they are all musically inclined! She also looks to the musical theatre performer, Kristin Chenoweth for inspiration because she has always made her feel like being short isn’t an obstacle.

When Caroline isn’t making music or onstage she finds herself doing college application tasks as she applies for college programs in Musical Theatre. She also enjoys reading in her spare time.

When asked what advice she would give to someone interested in taking music lessons she said, “Give it your all, and it’s perfectly okay to make as many mistakes as you can.”

Caroline’s future plans include studying musical theatre in a college program and being able to earn enough with her degree that she won’t have to be a waitress!

Meet CAROLINE our motivated Student- of – the – Month!!!



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