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A milestone for Main Stage Studios! Meet our new teacher (Main Stage Studios Alumna), Elizabeth Parkes!


Meet Elizabeth Parkes! Elizabeth started as a student at Main Stage Studios and her journey has brought her back to us! Elizabeth took lessons at Main Stage Studios and was one of Leah Wietig’s first students before it really had a name or a home. She studied voice and bassoon in high school and decided to pursue music in college. She attended The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam where she studied music and received a B.M. in Education. Elizabeth will work at the studio specializing in teaching private lessons in voice, piano and bassoon. She has started teaching young musicians, ages 5-10 years old, half hour combination lessons that include piano techniques, music reading skills and pitch matching/basic vocal techniques. We have found at Main Stage Studios that this is a successful approach to teaching this specific age group and help them explore and nurture their musicianship. ¬†Teaching piano and voice together helps students learn how to read music in a more comprehensive way.

Elizabeth has also designed a brand new series of classes for young musicians and their parent/guardian called MINI MUSIC EXPLORERS. Elizabeth will teach FREE class for ages 2-5 years old students every Tuesday this August. (Contact us at for more details) After our FREE classes in August, enrollment will begin for September, October and November.

We are proud and excited to add Elizabeth to our team at Main Stage Studios. We hope we can continue to hire graduates of our studio in the years to come.

Welcome Elizabeth!


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