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Meet Sam Lewandowski!!! – February’s STUDENT – OF – THE – MONTH!

Sam LMeet SAM LEWANDOWSKI!!! February’s Student of- the- Month!

Sam is a senior at Lancaster High School and has been a voice student of Leah Wietig at Main Stage Studios for almost 5 years! Some of Sam’s favorite performing experiences have been singing in the Main Stage Studios recitals specifically the one at Kleinhans Music Hall his sophomore year. He loved this specific performance because he felt the audience size was comfortable, everyone was very encouraging and he had family and friends smiling in the front row! He also remembers singing his first NYSSMA solo, Amarilli Mia Bella. Sam says he felt so prepared which was a whole new type of singing experience for him. He also enjoyed receiving constructive criticism in the NYSSMA solo process and would recommend all voice students in high school to give NYSSMA solos a try!

Sam’s music library is certainly an eclectic mix of musical genres. “I can’t say that I only listen to one type of music. I like variety and the music I listen to differs with the mood I’m in, ” says Sam. Sam listens to mostly musical theatre, contemporary and alternative music.

When asked who has motivated him he responded with, “My mom has definetly┬ámotivated me to sing and do music. Whenever I’m working on a new piece she’ll ask, whenever I’m not doing anything, to sing it for her. She recognizes all the progress that I make and pushes me to work harder when I feel like giving up because she knows what I am capable of.”

When Sam isn’t making music he likes spending time with friends. He has recently picked up tap dancing and really enjoys doing that in his spare time. He is also involved in model United Nations at his school because he is very interested in a future in politics.

When asked if he has any advice for students interested in taking music lessons he says, “Do it! I’ve come such a long way with my singing since I’ve started taking voice lessons.” Sam is proud of the progress he has made and finds voice lessons very helpful when singing in his High School Choir. “Lessons improve the qualities of your voice you would have never imagined you were capable of. Thanks to voice lessons, I am the musician that I am today.” He promises that if you take voice lessons that you will never regret it. We couldn’t agree more with Sam!

Although Sam does not plan to go to college for music he does hope to use the skills he has acquired in his life. “I would love to sing in choir at college next year and maybe do some theatre. There are so many opportunities out there, and I don’t plan on letting my skills go to waste.”

We are so proud of Sam’s great accomplishments at Main Stage Studios and beyond.

Congrats Sam! February’s STUDENT – OF- THE – MONTH!


Submitted by LBWietig


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