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Music Education

20% off your first lesson! Facebook offer details!

Enjoy 20% off your first lesson! This offer applies only to our NEW piano/voice combination private lesson with Main Stage Studios instructor, Elizabeth Parkes. Our combination lesson is encouraged for children ages 5-10 years old and is a half hour long. This combination lesson includes learning how to play piano, ...

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A milestone for Main Stage Studios! Meet our new teacher (Main Stage Studios Alumna), Elizabeth Parkes!

Meet Elizabeth Parkes! Elizabeth started as a student at Main Stage Studios and her journey has brought her back to us! Elizabeth took lessons at Main Stage Studios and was one of Leah Wietig's first students before it really had a name or a home. She studied voice and bassoon ...

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5 Reasons Why MUSIC is Important to Your Child’s Development

5 Reasons Why MUSIC Is Important to Your Child’s Development  Some of my earliest memories are going to Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concerts with my parents. Of course, five year old me was probably bored out of my mind; wondering when it would end so we could go get ice cream. Today, ...

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I love a piano! Schedule your piano lesson today!

Piano Lessons! Time slots now available!  Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Do you have one in your home that you would love to learn how to play? Did you take lessons as a child but would like to brush up on your skills? These are ...

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Most things in life can be narrowed down to TWO THINGS. Well, that's what my college voice teacher thought anyways. After presenting her with my latest over practiced aria or art song she would always reply with, "OK, TWO THINGS..." I wasn't sure if maybe she thought three things would ...

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Life Before Music

          Recently I was asked when and how I learned to read music. This was a question I wasn't able to answer. I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't read or even make music. Was it possible that I've always known how? ...

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